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Meeting Room

Looking for meeting rooms in Badung, Bali? Pandu office offers affordable rental of meeting rooms and conference rooms for your business meeting from 4 to 10 people. Our meeting rooms are suitable for global business presentations and our meeting rooms are well equipped with all necessary presentation stuff, free internet connection, and complimentary refreshment. It will give you the convenience needed for your meeting to run smoothly and with successfully.

There are many businessmen in the Badung area, Bali, but there are still very few who have decent offices. Why is this problem so important? What if a prospective client visits later? They will think several times about doing business if they see an uncomfortable atmosphere, because the company's image is very important. Therefore, Pandu Office provides solutions to use Meeting Rooms for your business.

If you rent a meeting room at a hotel, of course it requires a very large fee just to hold meetings with clients or other staff. Because of that we also help you with the hope that the business will be successful in the future. And there is one more important thing, if your company is a client of our Virtual Office then you have the right to use the meeting room for free once a month.

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